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How to connect FTP using FireFTP - Firefox Browser Addon - For Linux, MAC & Windows Operating System
Posted by Kumar Ranganathan, Last modified by Ilangovan Ramasamy on 04 March 2015 01:23 PM


How to upload files using FireFTP a Mozilla Firefox Add-on ?

This Works like charm on Windows/Linux/MAC & other OS where you can install & use Mozilla Firefox.

For Linux & MAC,
Core FTP LE is not available, So we are going to use the Mozilla Firefox Add-On FireFTP

You can DOWNLOAD the FireFTP from your Mozilla Firefox browser  Link 1 : 

Step 1 :

Install Fireftp



Click the Restart Button.


Step 2 :

Once you Re-Opened Mozilla Firefox, 

Click >> Create an account

It will give you a POP-Up window to fillup the FTP login credentials as below.

Fill up details based on the welcome mail / Account details which you received.


Step 3 :

Click Connection TAB >> and Select Auth TLS (Best) .. and click ok.

Step 4 :

Now, Select the FTP account which you have created.

And click Connect

On the POP-UP window click >> Or you can add an exception button


Step 5 :

In the Next POP-UP >> click Add exception button (If asked)


Step 4 :

Once connected,

Open >> public_html for Linux hosting
Open >> httpdocs for Windows Hosting

You can now upload the files by selecting the files and right click, click Upload.

Thats all.

Note : Before uploading the content delete the default file " index.html ".